Convenient Commuting: Transportation Options from Cornwall to New York City

Commuting to New York City from Cornwall is relatively easy thanks to the various transportation options available. The most popular options include:

  • Train: The Metro-North Hudson Line provides service from Cornwall to the city, with a typical commute time of around 60 minutes.
  • Bus: Short Line Bus offers daily service from Cornwall to New York City, with a typical commute time of around 60-90 minutes depending on traffic.
  • Car: Cornwall is easily accessible from the major highways such as I-87 and I-84, with a typical commute time of around 90 minutes,, depending on traffic.
  • Air: Stewart International Airport is located nearby which has flights to several destinations, this could be an option for travelers

It’s worth noting that the commute time may vary depending on traffic and departure time, so it’s always best to check the schedule and plan accordingly. With these transportation options available, it’s easy for Cornwall residents to access the city for work, entertainment, or other activities.