Achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Whether you work from home, commute, or currently seeking employment, Cornwall has so much to offer everyone. For remote workers, get out of the house and find tranquility working from one of our many beautiful locations, such as Donahue Memorial Park , Sands Ring Pond, or our world famous Storm King Art Center. If coffee is needed to fuel your work, bring your laptop and spend the afternoon at one of our local coffee houses or cafes. Or take a morning hike on one of our many trails and find a nice secluded spot with spectacular views all to yourself!

With a 60-minute drive to the George Washington Bridge, New York City commuters can enjoy the convenience of proximity to the city, balanced by the well-being and quality of life of our enriching community and our beautiful environment. With easily accessible public transportation, you won’t have to go far to enjoy the best of both worlds.

For those seeking new employment or considering opening a business, opportunity in Cornwall is on the rise. With an influx of new residents in recent years, there’s been increased demand for new services, restaurants, and accommodations. This provides a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners to finally pursue their dreams!